Our Team

First Name Last Name Nickname Year Rugby Position Major Hometown Fun Fact
Amanda Echavarri Amanda Freshman Flanker Strategic Communications Concord, MA I can quote the entire Mean Girls movie
Ashlene Patten Cash Senior Hooker Philosophy Norfolk, MA
Brittany Graham bgraham Senior Fly Half Art; Arts Administration Westfield, NJ My favorite part of away games is the team Chipotle run after
Clare Farrow Sophomore Wing Psychology Doylestown, PA All three of my birth marks are shaped like crescent moons
Courtney Stover Junior Second Row Public Health & Policy Studies Virginia Beach, VA I visited the baby Taj Mahal in Aurangabad, India
Darrah O’Flaherty Freshman Hooker Management Denver, CO I pretended to be allergic to cabbage when I was little
Ellen Scire Junior Public Health – Biological Aspects Woburn, MA I was slimed at Nickelodeon Studios as a kid
Fallyn Sheff Freshman Backline Marketing Dallas, TX I forgot how to ride a bike
Gisele Nighswander Gisele Freshman Center/Wing Environmental Studies Bethesda, MD I am half-Portuguese! I speak to my cat in Portuguese
Heather McDonough-Caplan Sophomore Wing Psychology; Computer Science Pittsburgh, PA I have three black cats!
Jacky Shacknow Tubz Sophomore Second Row Media Arts and Entertainment Wayne, NJ I was an All star Cheerleader for 12 years and quit to play rugby
Kate Hogan Hogie, Hogan Senior Prop Accounting Waccabuc, NY When I eat too much icing I start to sweat under my eyes
Katherine Larson Lars Junior Inside/Outside Center Marketing & International Economics Trumbull, CT I went to Antarctica for Christmas!
Katie Pullman KP Senior Center/Wing Film Richmond, VA I fed a kangaroo in Australia
Katie Blackburn Blackburn Junior Flanker/8-man Exercise Science Winston-Salem, NC I have lived outside the US (Canada) until I came to Elon
Kimberly Schneider Kimbo Junior Flanker/8-man Physical Education & Health Hong Kong
Kristen Bryar Koala Senior Scrumhalf Psychology Lakewood, IL I can lick my left elbow
Lauren Sheridan Smurf Senior Flanker Human Services Southborough, MA My best friend is a chicken named Butterscotch.
Lexie Chickene Lexie Sophomore Wing/Center International Studies and stuff Charlotte, NC I have a fish named Moo
Maddy Rooney Maddy Senior Second Row/Flanker Math with a Teacher Licensure Greenwich, CT My brother named me after the character from Madeline in Paris
Maggie Carter Maggie Sophomore Prop Art (Photography) Andover, MA I own a hamster named Dewey!
Mandy Fiery Fiery Junior Scrumhalf/Inside Psychology Hagerstown, MD I facetime my dog <3
Merit Sharpe Merit Junior Fullback Psychology Grand Prairie, TX I have a stuffed elephant I sleep with every night named Fluffy
Natalie McCarthy Natty Light Junior Center/Wing Environmental Studies Virginia Beach, VA I once owned a dog for three days
Samantha Allen Sam-a-lam Sophomore Wing Strategic Communications Herndon, VA I am half-Cuban!
Sara Hudak Junior Flanker Strategic Communications Jacksonville, FL I’m named after a cartoon dinosaur!
Sarah Murphy Shaniqua Junior Prop Biology (Pre-Med) Laurel, MD I tap danced for 13 years
Stephanie Burke Steph Junior Flanker Marketing and Management Basking Ridge, NJ I have traveled to 30 countries
Valerie Reich Val Sophomore Flanker Strat. Comm/ SEM LA, CA I can sit in the lotus position and walk on my knees

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